Friday, June 20, 2008

My Kids

Let me introduce you to my two children: Colby Jack and Zoe Jean.

This is our family from Thanksgiving 2007. Zoe is the black and white pup on the left, Colby is the reddish one on the right. I was just looking through my pictures on this computer and there aren't very many of Colby! Those are all on the other one! So this post will be mostly filled with Zoe!

This is Colby. He's a hybrid doggie. We've been told he looks like any/all of these: daschund, golden retriever, corgi, chihuhua, and many others. To us, he looks like a long haired weenie dog. Whatever he is, we love him!!

Likes: Playing ball, riding in the car with his head hanging out the window, wrestling with Zoe, chasing his cousin dogs around the yard, chewing bones, playing soccer, food, cheese, snuggling with me, playing with Scott, going for walks, dog classes, putting his ball under the couch or bed then barking at it until we get it out! hot dogs (ironic, right?)

Dislikes: getting in trouble, not being allowed to sleep on our bed, being outside without us, being separated from Zoe, taking medicine, getting his nails trimmed, taking a bath, anyone coming to the door

Full name: Colby Jack H__ Nicknames: CJ, Cheese Puff, Jackster, The Boy, Brother, Weiner Dog, Fatty, Chubby, Chunky Monkey

We got Colby almost 3 months after we got married. He'll be 2 in August (we got him when he was about 4 months old). He is grouchy, loving, protective, silly, and our first child!

This is my Zoe girl, celebrating Easter in her bunny suit! Zoe is also a hybrid dog, with the vet's best guess being the oh so vague, "wire terrier mix." Who knows what that means! We've watched the Terrier parts of dog shows, and she doesn't look like any of them!

Likes: Everything! She is so happy! Food, treats, being held, chasing birds, chasing Colby, chasing bugs or anything else that flies, riding in the car, now with her head out the window like big brother, rawhides, stuffed toys, sour cream, dancing on her back paws, watching tv, digging

Dislikes: being separated from Colby, people sneaking up on her, anyone yelling or being too loud, having toys taken away

This picture is from the first night we got her. Scott was playing video games and she just zonked out in my lap!

Full Name: Zoe (said like Zo-E) Jean H__ Nicknames: LBG (Little Black Girl), Sister, the Little One, Zo (said like Joe), Baby Girl, Little Girl
We got Zoe on Saturday, October 26th (also about 4 months old). That first week we had her, she started getting sick and was diagnosed with Parvovirus and we were told she had a 50/50 chance of surviving it. She was put on 24 hour care with IV drip through the weekend. We picked her up on Sunday morning, and our little fighter has been amazing ever since. We fell in love with her in that short week, both cried when we had to sign her euthanization forms, and were so happy that she made it through the weekend!

Not a single day goes by when we don't say something like "look how cute Zoe is being" or "Colby, you're so weird!" We love our little dogs!

Dog Days of Summer

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! I heard it on tv this morning, and I casually mentioned it to my pups. Colby didn't look thrilled, but Zoe jumped up on the bed with me and started licking my face! She really wanted to go with me! I wish I could have, that would have been a fun day!

It's finally Friday, and we don't have any great plans for the weekend. We're going to go see a movie (don't know what movie yet), do a little gardening, and maybe tackle another fan installation. We will see. Hopefully, I'll get some sleep!

Happy weekend to you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I haven't updated in a little bit, but that's because I've got the blahs. I just wrote my mom an email, so I'll put some of that on here too:

It's raining again (second or third day this week).

We got our new dryer installed this morning. Scott said he ran it before the Lowe's guys left, and said it doesn't make the thumping noise, so we're off to a good start! (We just got a new set last week, and the dryer made this strange noise. Turns out it had a dented drum, and since we were in the 7 day period, we got a whole new machine!)

Yesterday, I hosted the Mid high and Senior high Bible study at lunchtime. I ordered 6 pizzas (the church paid for them), and no one showed up. I was just the location, not the actual study part. It was me, Scott, the guy leading the study, then one girl came. She thought it was for the Presbyterian church. I guess she got two things in the mail, and confused the information. So I just had leftover pizza for lunch.

Since our house was already clean, we invited the L's over for dinner tonight. I'm going to try a new recipe for Pineapple-Glazed Porkchops, with baked potatoes and salad. Apple Pie for dessert. Now you wish you were here, don't you??

Work has been slow this week, but it's a welcome change from the past few weeks. Things will pick up again next week, so I'm enjoying this down time. My coworker's mom is still in the hospital. She had developed fluid in her lungs (strange how similar her stuff is to SIL) so I've been up to the hospital twice. Since it's to visit someone from the church, I get to count it as working time. Passed the Senior Pastor in the hallway on my way to her room, I think that got me some brownie points.

I'm so worn out. I've been calling my doctor's office every other day to no avail. The last I heard, the Doc was writing a letter, and the nurse would get back to me about more Provigil to last me a while. That was a week ago, and I'm still waiting to hear back. The last time I called was Tuesday morning. The voicemail said that Doc would be out of the office the 18th-20th, so now, even if I heard back from them, I can't get the script since he's gone! I'm having serious issues with the nurses. The other one is FOUR WEEKS this Friday on calling me back about something. I've also mentioned this issue in every message I've left. Four stinking weeks. Seriously!!!

Can you tell that I'm kinda bored? Because I am. I enjoy this down time (I do have something I could be doing, but it would put me to sleep right now), but it gives me lots of time to sit and think, and that's not always good.

SIL and BIL are going to come see us over the 4th of July weekend!

That's about it for now. Nothing too exciting!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Monday!

We had quite a weekend! My parents came to visit and see our new house, and we were very busy. My backyard had a good start (shaped beds, lots of trees) but it was really overgrown and weedy. Now, I have 2 small beds and one very very large bed weeded, planted and mulched. My back is feeling that mulch this morning! Oh, and since having mulch near your house can encourage termites, we put egg rock against the house instead. About 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide, it took lots of bags, but I really like the way it turned out. We've got bugs on one big plant and a mildew on another, so those need to be sprayed down, but other than that, the backyard looks awesome!

Last week, I had an EMG (electromyography). I'll try to explain what happed.
Background: Lots of pain in my hands since last November, but lots of blood work did not come up with any answers, so my doctor wanted to rule out carpul tunnel using the EMG.
The procedure: the doctor hooked a ground wire to my arm and attached two small pieces of metal attached to the machine on my hand. (You've seen what they put on someone when they are watching their hearts? It's like that but smaller.) Then he drew on my hands, wrists, and arms different spots that he wanted to check. He then used something that looked like a two pronged fork, felt around for a certain nerve or muscle, then shocked me three times in each spot. The first shock wasn't too bad, the second one was a little worse, then the third was really painful. He would measure from where he shocked me to one of the marks he drew. Using that measurement and the readings from the metal dots to determine how fast my nerves felt the shock and how fast it sent that shock back. After about 8 spots per arm, with three shocks each, he said that I have "Olympic class nerves." Unfortunately, we still had to finish the test, even though he didn't think it would turn anything out.
Part 2: This was very strange. The doctor took a needle and poked me in 5 spots in each arm. He would put the needle in, then irritate the muscle by moving the needle around. This time, the machine was listening to the firing in my muscles. When he would move the needle, it sounded like a record scratching; when he stopped moving it, the sound would change to a sound like "fit-fit-fit" which was the firing in the muscles. One place, he his a blood vessel and that really hurt. I got a stick in my bicep, tricep, another up top, one in my forearm in the doorknob turning muscle, then the last place was the most painful: if you make an "L" with your finger and thumb, there is that little flap of skin between them. That spot. No fat, no muscles, just nerves! It really hurt, and my hands and arms were sore for the next 4 hours or so.

I've got to finish getting ready and go to work. More about the updates on the house later!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I want to win!

Rocks in my Dryer is giving away an awesome set of cds this week, and I want to win! The giveaway is sponsored by because of the new cd WOW Hits 1. They are giving away a block of 18 cds, and I want to win!

Thanks Shannon!!

First Post

I think that this blog has been a long time coming, seeing as how I've been reading lots of others' blogs for over a year! It's about time my comment is linked to somewhere!

About me: I am a 24 year old college grad working as an administrative assistant at my church in East Texas. I mostly love my job, but there are of course days that I just don't want to get out of bed! I am happily married (2 years this Sept.) and we just bought our first house. We moved last week, went out of town for a wedding, and my parents are visiting this weekend. I suspect this summer will be very busy, but I'm excited about the people I will meet, friends I will see, and the things I will do!