Friday, July 31, 2009

Some pictures!

Charlotte is tripod sitting now. Here is one of her on my lap sitting with no help from mom:
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And we went to the zoo today with some friends! Doesn't she look thrilled?!? :)
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That's it for now. Sorry if I got your hopes up for a good picture post!

Rough week

This was a very rough week. Charlotte cried for three days straight (Mon-Wed) and it wasn't until I was talking to a fellow mom/friend that it dawned on us that she was going through a growth spurt. 4.5 months isn't a "normal" spurt time, so I was keeping her feedings at 3 hours apart, leaving her hungry all the time. I felt horrible when I figured it out. We gave her 5oz more milk on Wednesday evening and I let her eat when she wanted to yesterday, and that made a huge difference. My happy baby was back! Still a little cranky, but not like the beginning of the week.

It was really frustrating. I had felt like I was having supply issues (she is still exclusively breast fed but we started one meal of solids a couple of weeks ago) so it totally makes sense to me now. I was and I wasn't having supply problems. My supply was staying the same, but her need was greater so it was upsetting us both. My body seems to have caught up a little, she seemed satisfied yesterday. Whew!

I'm tired, but holding up ok other than that. I am thankful it is the weekend. Time for some Daddy/Daughter bonding time, doncha think?!?

Charlotte is tripod sitting now (on her bottom, propping up with her arms). It's so cute! I've gotten a couple pics, but I don't have them on the computer yet. I'll post them soon, hopefully!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charlotte: 4 months old

Charlotte has had a very exciting month!

Charlotte and I went to Dallas for an entire week for Kappa Phi at the end of June. Charlotte's Nana (my mom) came and stayed with us; I think they both felt spoiled! Unfortunately, I was so busy, I don't have a single picture of us there! It was a hot week, highs around a hundred the whole time. Her face would get red just going from the dorm to the cafeteria, and it really wasn't that far. She did great, getting passed around to anyone that would hold her. The last night there, she decided she was done being a good girl, and she melted down. It took some Tylenol and about 3 hours of distress before she finally passed out for the night.

Charlotte celebrated her first Fourth of July this month... by going to bed early! We didn't attemp any fireworks this year. We didn't want to get out then have to battle 45 minutes of traffic to get home, especially if she was unhappy! We were just back from Dallas, so we were both happy for a little extra sleep.

She is still not sleeping through the night, but we started solids tonight: rice cereal. Not sure she likes it yet! Hopefully that will help. We went to the peditrician's today. Miss C is 14lbs, 5.5oz (putting her in the 68th percentile for her age) and 25in (79th%).

Scott and I are really enjoying her now. She's laughed only 3 times, but she smiles daily, and it's the best feeling in the world.

Here are some pictures from this past month:
This is a tiny rocking chair from my mom's church. They were going to throw it out and my mom grabbed it for Charlotte! She can't really sit up yet. Scott was sitting right in front of her in case he needed to catch her!
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My 4 month old
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Gagging herself while eating rice cereal. You'd have thought I was trying to poison her!
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Getting kisses from Daddy!
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Funny picture taken by Daddy
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Enjoying her walker
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009