Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost time to go!

Charlotte and I are heading to Dallas on Thursday for Kappa Phi National Council. I am the Council Marshal, which means I'm the go-for person and am supposed to know a little about everything. I've done lots of prep work, and I'm ready to go!

Well. Not really. Nothing is packet yet. But in my head I'm ready to go!

It's going to be hard being away from Scott for a week. My mom is coming to Council to help me with C, but it's going to be different since she doesn't know C's routine or how we normally do thing. I know it's not a big deal if she reads books before bathtime for a week, but we always do it after. I'm still nursing C, so that's going to pose a challenge as I'll be in and out of meetings and activities all week. Mom is bringing a mini fridge, so I'll just have to make sure that there is enough pumped in there while I'm out.

We had C's first pro picture session at JCPenney last Friday. I will be getting a cd with all the pictures, but here's a sneak peek:
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I won't be getting the rest of the pics on here til after Council, probably.

I've developed a huge headache during the typing of this. Time to step away from the computer, and head to bed. Good night!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Charlotte is 3 months now!

I know some of this has already been on here, but this was the email I sent for 3 months:

This past month has been filled with fun for our family! At the end of May, we made our first road trip with Charlotte, up to Ponca City and Stillwater, OK. She did (mostly) great in the car with minimal fussing! We took her to my sister's graduation which was outside in a stadium. She was eating a bottle during part of the time of calling names, and every time a group would cheer or someone would sound an air horn, she would startle and get such wide eyes looking around! During this trip, she met her great grandma Frazier, great aunt Tricia, and one of my best friends, her husband, and their little girl for the first time! We all had a good trip, and it was a much needed break.

Last week was VBS, and Charlotte was not the youngest baby there! Our church has had a baby boom, and there was another baby 2 weeks younger. Charlotte went with me to the opening and closing assemblies, enjoying the lights and people watching. The middle couple of hours she spent in the infant nursery; it was harder on me than her! They said that she never cried (except for the 10 minutes one day that all SIX babies cried!) and that she was welcome back anytime!

Sunday, June 14th, Charlotte was baptised at our church in Tyler. She looked a little startled when the water touched her head, but she snuggled with my mom afterwards and woke up very happy. We've taken her to church 4 or 5 times now, and she's been great every time!

Yesterday, she figured out how to suck her bottom lip and, whenever she was awake, was making kissy suction noises all day! She even woke me up this morning doing that! She is becoming so alert and really enjoys watching the world around her. She'd rather face out than face whomever is holding her. She loves looking at books, and she's reaching for and holding a set of plastic alphabet rings now. She watches the dogs run outside and grabbed a hold of Zoe's face one morning. Zoe looked startled but just sat there! I had to unfist Charlotte's hand, then Zoe went right back to licking her!

No pictures tonight, but I'll do them soon!