Monday, February 23, 2009

Nursery Pictures

(I wrote a new post tonight, just below this one!)
View from doorway, a short white bookcase will go under the window on the right.

This is to the left of the door, closet on the right

Continuing around to the right

Continuing to the right

And a little further to the right

And to the right again, back to the front door

My girl dog, in her favorite spot, the middle of the room!

This is the Christmas ornament I wrote about in my last post. Isn't it pretty??

I'm still pregnant

Hey, sorry I'm a bad blogger! I go a few weeks where I update all the time, then even longer when I don't!!

I'm still around, still pregnant, but not still on bedrest! Yay! I'm at 36 weeks today. At 34 weeks, I was released back to "normal life" with the fear of a super early baby gone. I have only gone back to work parttime, working 4-6 hours a day and resting in the afternoons.

We had our baby shower at my work and it was really fun! My mom, Scott's family, his sister and our nephew, and even my grandparents were able to come! My dad had to stay home with my sister because she was taking the ACT that day. Two women from my church/coworkers did an amazing job, and I'll try to get some pictures on here soon. I didn't take any with my camera, so I'm waiting on others to send me some! I was still considered to be on bedrest at that point, so I was sitting most of the shower.

My coworkers pitched in and got us our pack and play as well as stuff to make a great diaper cake! Lots of diapers, 2 bibs, 6 spoons, 4 blankets, 3 toys, a stuffed animal, travel sized Johnson's baby stuff, 2 pacifiers... All in the diaper cake!! It was my favorite gift of the day. Oh, the other one was a Baby's First Christmas ornament made by my Mom's friend. It also is the first thing we've gotten with Charlotte's name on it, so special!

This past weekend was Scott's work shower. He's in a small group, so it was us, a single guy and 2 other couples. It was at his bosses house and his kids were around too. We had Mexican for dinner, and cookie cake for dessert. We got our baby carrier, some diapers, a jumper that you hang in the doorway, 2 Swaddle Me wraps, and some hangers. Small shower, but it was nice of them to do anything at all!

I've cashed in my completion coupon for Babies R Us on the stuff I wanted to have before she arrives, then I got it all washed up (and her clothes) so we're ready for her to come now! Oh, and her nursery is done, I need to take some pictures! I'll do that tonight! I'll post a few as well as tonight's weekly picture (36 weeks!).

The doctor said today that Charlotte is head down, like she has been the whole time, butt straight up, and she's facing my spine. It's made for an uncomfortable day with her back bone facing straight forward, every movement just makes her stick straight out!

We are just hanging around the house for a while. We don't have any plans for the next few weeks, even though everyone keeps telling us to go on a trip or plan some special thing for just the two of us while we can. Honestly, doing too much leaves me with lots of contractions, tired, and achy, and really, we enjoy being at home together. Tonight we grilled steaks and have just relaxed, filling out the baby book and watching tv. That's the kind of stuff we like to do! We are both so excited that Charlotte really could come any day now! My prediction: 3/3/09. Guess we'll see!